Thursday, December 17, 2009

Costume Design: Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rain

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Rain is a very interesting ten minute play by William Eno. It is simply two actors portrayed onto a giant screen by a camera. They are each making a dating service video, and through their alternating monologues, we learn who they are, what they fear, what they love, what they want, and their philosophies. The characters are simply referred to as "gentleman" and "lady." There seems to be nothing all that extraordinary about either of their appearances. Both characters give me a sense that they are kind of nerdy or at least dress fairly conservatively. Their dress would also be relatively understated and maybe a little bit old for their ages. They are both young, probably in their early or mid twenties.

Lady: I see the lady in a modest skirt. Brown, knee length, and maybe made from corduroy. She would also be in a scoop neck or not-so-low v-neck pale blue short sleeved shirt. She would be wearing a cream colored vintage cardigan with blue flower details. As her shoes, she would have on brown flats. Her hair should be long, and either worn straight down or in a medium height ponytail. In terms of jewelry, she would have a blue beaded necklace falling just at the collarbone.

Gentleman: The gentleman would be in blue jeans. The jeans would be dark wash, not too loose fitting, and with no holes. They should be just the perfect length. He would have a green dress shirt on, with a matching tie and a brown sport coat. He would be wearing traditional brown loafers on his feet. Instead of dress socks, he has on white socks.The fact that he is in jeans and a sport coat instead of dress pants with the sport coat would probably show to the audience that he wanted to look good from the waist up especially for the camera. He would be wearing black framed glasses.

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