Thursday, December 17, 2009

Set Design: Gossip!

Gossip!, a new musical by Joe York, is set in a high school principal's office. The entire play takes place in the office. There is no need for the set to change ever, so there would be no need for moving set parts.
The back of the set is a series of flats that create an olive/army green colored wall. This wall is lined from left to right in gray filing cabinets about five or six cabinets high. There are three windows along the wall, above the filing cabinets- left, right, and center. They are barred. Mid stage left, there is a large dark wooden desk, totally covered in stacks of papers and a large computer. Behind the desk is a very large and comfortable looking desk chair. Center stage there is a rather large wooden coffee table painted 70s orange with a few books or magazines on it. There are low blue benches on either end of the coffee table. Mid stage right there is an "L" formation of arm chairs-one line facing left and one line facing front. There would be five or six chairs in each line. The chairs are in varying colors-purple, blue, green, red, yellow, orange. The wild color scheme-or lack thereof- gives the sense that the principal is trying to relate to the young people, but isn't really succeeding very well. There should be general clutter about. A trashcan should be placed next to the desk- your typical olive green metal wastebasket. In the beginning, some students need to be sitting outside the principal's office. This effect could be achieved in a regular proscenium style space by creating a small 8 foot by 3 foot platform that would extend out from the stage on the far stage right. It would be wooden and painted to match the stage. Four chairs matching those inside the principal's office could be placed on this platform.

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